Micro Lined RR Vacuum Bags 36 Eureka Ultra or Boss Smart

36bags for 38.99 compare!! Eureka RR Micro Filtration Vacuum Cleaner Bags 5pk - 9 in a pack, microlined bags will replace Part Number: 61115 Fits Models:Eureka 4800,4870,4870,4874, 4880,4885 uprights Models SPECIAL OFFER

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Eureka Vacuum Cleaner Part - Extended Life Style R Belt $4.50Eureka Vacuum Cleaner Part - Extended Life Style R Belt $4.50qty; 1 Not in the pack ,Eureka Vacuum Cleaner Part Extended Life Belt fits Eureka Upright Ultra, Boss Smart Vacs and 4800 series modelsbelt Eureka 61110 Replacement Vacuum Cleaner Belt fits Eureka 4800 sereis . * Eureka Omega Upright Model 4870A * Eureka Omega Upright Model 4870AV * Eureka Omega Upright Model 4870B * Eureka Omega Upright Model 4870D * Eureka Omega Upright Model 4870DT * Eureka Omega Upright Model 4870F * Eureka Omega Upright Model 4870G * Eureka Omega Upright Model 4872A * Eureka Omega Upright Model 4872B * Eureka Omega Upright Model 4874A * Eureka Omega Upright Model 4874B * Eureka Omega Upright Model 4875A * Eureka Ultra Smart Vac Cyclonic Model 4880A * Eureka Ultra Smart Vac Cyclonic Model 4885A * Eureka Ultra Smart Vac Cyclonic Model 4885B * Eureka Whirlwind Model 4880B

Why should I replace the belt?

A belt in good condition turns the brush roll more efficiently, thus providing stronger beating and sweeping action and better cleaning of your carpets. Belts age and wear with normal use and should be checked periodically for cracks, cuts or loss of tension.

How do I replace the belt?

1. Turn off the switch and unplug the electrical cord before replacing the belt 2. Remove the bottom plate or hood depending on the model (refer to owner's manual) 3. Lift out brush roll and discard old belt 4. Place new belt around brush roll pulley and motor pulley or shaft 5. Seat brush roll into base 6. Replace and secure hood or bottom plate This belt is for all Eureka 4800 series uprights. They have a brush roll on/off switch on the top of the nozzle. It is kept tight by a spring loaded pulley when the brush roll is spinning .Eureka Style R 61110 Accessory - Belt Replacement Style "R" Extended Life. One belt for Eureka Upright Ultra or Boss Smart Vac Models 4800.Genuine eureka part

Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days

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