Electrolux Belt (LONG) 27114 PN5 ,PN6  #26-3315-02 PN7 $2.75

Qty: 1.item #26-3315-02 Fits Models: PN 5 Through PN6,PN7.vacuum belt 27114 is about 3-1/4" in diameter and 5/16" wide.Fits these models and others #7527-27UY1NV 48959 Electrolux uprights and PN5, PN6 and PN7 power nozzles Electrolux Power Nozzles pn5. pn7 Uprights model :1770,U112A,U112B,U112C,1719,U110A,U110B,U110P,U155D,U155C,U110Y,U147A,U147D,U155A,U155B,2500,2500SR,3000,3500,3500SR,3000SR,D2,D3,DIII,DII,4000,U140B,U140C,U156A,U147E,147F,1717C,1747,U111A,U136B,U160A,U139A,C141A,C141F,C152F,C101A,C101G,C101H,C101J,C101L,151D,C151G,C141B,C141D,C151B,1623,2100,90,1677,2000,6000,C102A,C102D,C102G,C102J,C153C,C153D,C101K,C141C,C141E,C141G,C152C,C102K,C153A,6500,6500SR,C134A,C134B, C134E,C154B,C134C,C154E,C134D,C134F,C154A,C104A,C104H, 8000, 9000, U129C Geared belt fits: Electrolux power nozzles PN5 and PN6. Fits Electrolux Discovery, Advantage, Epic, Central Vacuum, Commercial Upright, Guardian, 9000, 8000, Legacy, Classic Upright and Canister, 3000, 4000, 6000, and all upright 1985 to present uprights. These Electrolux vacuum belts fit all uprights made since 1986 including Electrolux Discovery II and Discovery III, Discovery Advantage, Genesis, Genesis LX and Genesis LXE, Epic 2500 and Epic 3500, Lux 3000, Lux 4000 and Lux 6000 upright vacuum cleaners. They also fit later editions of Electrolux Silverado that use Power Nozzle 5 (PN5), introduced in 1982, as well as the 60 year anniversary edition Electrolux Diamond Jubilee. PN5 introduced the long geared belt that is used on all subsequent power nozzles. The successor to PN5, Power Nozzle 6 (PN6), was produced from 1985 through 1989 and was used on later editions of the Diamond Jubilee and also the Marquise, Grand Marquise, Hi-Tech 2100 (which was optionally equipped with PN5 in its early incarnations) and Ambassador III. Electrolux models built since 1990 use Power Nozzle 7, and both PN6 and PN7 use the long geared belt. This belt fits the Electrolux Hi-Tech 2100, Electrolux Diplomat and Diplomat LX, Lux 2000, Lux 5000 belt, Lux 5500 belt, Electrolux LE, Electrolux Ambassador, Ambassador Plus and Ambassador III, Electrolux Model 90, Marquise and Grand Marquise, lectrolux Legacy, Ultralux and Ultralux LX, Ultralux Classic, Epic 6000 and Epic 6500, Lux 7000, Electrolux Renaissance, Epic 8000, Electrolux Guardian and Guardian Encore and Lux 9000 canister vacuum cleaners.

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 Electrolux  Style C vacuum bags (12 )
Electrolux Style C vacuum bags (12 )

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